Friday, October 9, 2015

3 Travel Security Musts

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So you can justify reading this at your desk on your employer's dime I'll stick to business related travel, though the same principles apply for personal travel.
I'm sure we all have a crazy story from our business travels, like the covert operation that swiped my laptop. There are simple steps you can take to reduce your risk exposure when traveling via plane, cab, or even ricksha if your travels take you to the far east.

Try these 3 on for size:
1. Secure Your DevicesI'm not talking about cable locking them to your body. When my laptop was stolen in transit while re-entering the US I realized I had overlooked a few key security measures. Fortunately I had completed the first essential step:
• Set a Password - Easy to set up and it acts as a deterrent for snooping.
• Backup Before Boarding - Backup all, or at minimum, essential data.
• Store Backup Separately - If not backed up to the cloud store backup devices in a separate bag, or clothing pocket. That way if your laptop bag is swiped from under the bathroom stall (eeewww), your backup isn't gone with it.
• Mark Your Devices - so they aren't mistaken for someone else's. Consider marking them with a phone number in case the finder is honorable and wants to return them (Maybe don't include your name or business information though).

Tip: Don't place your corporate Asset Tag on the top of your laptop
, especially if it has your company name. 

2. Know Your Surroundings
Do you actually inspect the rental car before you drive off? My sister did, and she found a handgun the last guy left behind! Also, don't take your eyes off your valuables, and definitely don't trust TSA to keep them secure.
I hate hotel rooms that have that door that connects to the next room. I always check it to make sure its locked securely. I'd hate to have visitors overnight, or return to find my stuff missing. 
3. Don't Slack On Security• Don't connect to "Mary Jane's iPhone" hotspot while Ubering.
• Your Uber driver is hacking you.
• Don't name your device after yourself. Change it to something clever, or not, just change it.
Bonus Story: Once I stayed at a hotel and put my stuff in the safe, then realized the safe wasn't secured to anything. Sometimes I just have to take a deep breath and walk away.

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