Friday, October 9, 2015

3 Millennial Myths

I was born in 1981, so that makes me an older, and I like to think wiser, Millennial. We get a lot of attention these days, something we crave and thrive on, though it's not always positive attention. But that's OK, its attention nonetheless, and it drives us to be agents of change, on whatever stage we may find ourselves. 

3 Travel Security Musts

(This post originally appeared on my LinkedIn profile)
So you can justify reading this at your desk on your employer's dime I'll stick to business related travel, though the same principles apply for personal travel.
I'm sure we all have a crazy story from our business travels, like the covert operation that swiped my laptop. There are simple steps you can take to reduce your risk exposure when traveling via plane, cab, or even ricksha if your travels take you to the far east.

Corporate Spy Games? Or Just Bad Luck?

(This article originally appeared on my LinkedIn profile.)
Funny story here... OK, not so funny actually. 
Have you ever felt like someone was eyeing your stuff, like your iPhone or a new bag? I have, but that's mostly because I work in risk management and I'm paranoid. But then one day it happened to me, and now I'm SUPER paranoid.

3 Risks of a Remote Workforce

(This article originally appeared on my LinkedIn profile.)
Newsflash!! Remote work is no longer an employee benefit, many see it as a requirement to even consider working for you. I've been fortunate for years now to work in a field where my presence is not always required in the office. In many cases I actually have to work remotely, from airports, hotels, or a vendor's crammed conference room. It's rare that my entire team is ever in the office at the same time.

3 Third Party Don'ts

(This article originally appeared on my LinkedIn profile.)
Disclaimer: This post is about Third Party Risk Management, not politics. 
So I'll get right to it...
1. Don't Sign That Paper!
...until you have read it, and read it again, and had your legal council read it. I read contracts a lot... more than I care to. I have yet to run across a blatantly devious third party contract but I rarely see one that doesn't require edits. Third Party contracts are usually template based and ready for you to fill in the blanks. They weren't written specifically for your business model and may not meet your requirements. Also, they may leave you with little recourse in the event of a data breach, or other disaster.

3 Signs Your Vendor Is a Lemon

(This article originally appeared on my LinkedIn profile.)
My first car was an Oldsmobile Achieva, and tough it got me from A to B for about a year, it didn't Achieva lot (haha...see what I did there?). I didn't know at the time how much that car would teach me about life and business, but one lesson that sticks with me to this day is that things will ride smooth until they don't

3 Risks of Third Party Risk Management

(This article originally appeared on my LinkeIn Profile.)
After roughly five years of working in Financial and Credit Services in Information Security and Third Party Risk Management I decided to take a risk of my own and dive into Health Care. It was really more of a back flip as I was only vaguely familiar with Health Care regulations.