Friday, October 9, 2015

3 Millennial Myths

I was born in 1981, so that makes me an older, and I like to think wiser, Millennial. We get a lot of attention these days, something we crave and thrive on, though it's not always positive attention. But that's OK, its attention nonetheless, and it drives us to be agents of change, on whatever stage we may find ourselves. 

Every generation brings a new way of thinking and pushes boundaries, but what makes Millennials different? They are misunderstood. I know, I sound like that Gen X high-school kid who wanted to be "different" and "unique", but was just "misunderstood". Luckily for him, every mall in America had that store for the "unique" kids. Don't lie, you know what store I'm talking about.
The most powerful things we learned from Gen Xers is that conformity is overrated, and pushing the limits generates innovation. But the difference between Millennials and Gen Xers (and their predecessors) is that they BUY products, but we ARE the product
You see, Millennials are the first generation to enter the marketplace as an intricately woven network of consumers. We represent a direct entry point into your target market but there is a price to pay for access. You could work solely with marketing and advertising firms to gain marginal exposure to your target market, or you could pair that with Millennial influencers such as bloggers, insta-famous selfie models, and viral video royalty, and see their audiences become your loyal brand representatives.
There are many myths about Millennials. Here are 3 that demonstrate this theory:
1. Millennials Lack CommitmentWe don't lack commitment, we just aren't committed to what you want us to be committed to, like the long haul of a lame job that doesn't have our back. We aren't going to sit around and wait for you to make it happen for us. You wanted us to make waves and initiate change, but then you stifle creativity because it’s too radical and say, "No" too often. The correct answer is "Yes".
2. Millennials Don't Live In The Moment
"I'm sorry, did you say something? I was tweeting my disgust for the establishment, please continue." It's not that we don't care, or are disconnected with reality. It's quite the opposite. We are redefining reality in a modern world, and innovating new ways to harness parallel realities; physical and virtual. This innovation has sparked cultural and economic revolution globally. I'll admit, some of us have etiquette issues when it comes to our mobile devices, but without my iPhone in hand I would have never captured this viral Treadmill Dance video, just sayin. ($$Cha-Ching$$)

3. Millennials Think You Owe Them Something
This is a common myth that shows how different the Millennial worldview is from that of older (wiser?) generations. In the last 30 years the balance of power has shifted in commerce. In the old days (pre-1990s-ish) advertisers told you what you needed to buy, and you would buy it. You were a slave to the seller.With the advent of a digital world, Millennials create their own reality, where we determine what is relevant. The seller is now slave to the consumer. So, you don't owe us anything, but if you want our time and attention, and with it our network of consumers, you better offer something of value. If you're an employer, are you truly offering something we can't get elsewhere? Something competitive? Or as a brand, are your products relevant to our cultural and ethical values? 
Embrace the Millennial worldview, it’s the new future.

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